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Finance, Investment & Strategy


At Commercial Lenders Group our focus begins with the client.  Our principals, partners and associates assess the options available and evaluate how they relate to the goals and objectives of both the client and his company.  With an understanding of the clients goals, we help determine the best plan to accomplish the stated objectives.

Because each principal, partner or associate at Commercial Lenders Group has started and operated successful companies, we know how to help business owners manage and grow their business.  We can help the client find both debt and equity capital.  If the client decides that selling his company is the right move, we can help there too.  Over the last 30 years, our principals, partners and associates have managed the sale and financing of more than 300 companies.

We assist the client to preserve the wealth he has accumulated through his hard work, we can help reduce his taxes, and build a secondary estate outside the company.  But most important, our management team strives to make sure these moves are not only the best for the business, but also the best for him personally.

In short, the principals, partners and associates at Commercial Lenders Group work to help the client buy, or sell a business, preserve his wealth, and strategically position his company to best meet his stated goals and objectives.